#30: SPICE

A banner with an orange background dusted with crushed spices around the outer edges and chopped chilli. In the centre is the cover of The Suburban Review #30 SPICE. At the top of the cover, inside a pale orange square, in a matching pale orange font is the title: “The Suburban Review #30 SPICE”. The bottom of the image is a photo of steel tea kettles sitting on a fire, coals burning underneath. There are hues of black, brown, and amber— flames are emerging to the left side of the kettles, and grass appears to be burning; lighting up the left side of the image orange. In the bottom right corner there are some light-painting squiggles in a neon orange— as if someone has waved a burning sparkler across the image. There’s an ambience of warmth, of being drawn in close.

Enjoy feeling a little hot under the collar? Look no further than #30: SPICE—filled with searing poetry, fiction, comics, non-fiction, and illustration.

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#29: ITCH

The cover for The Suburban Review #29: ITCH against a washed green and brown closeup of the folds of a knitted sweater. Cover shows a graphic illustration with arms tangling together against a blank milky purple background. The arms are not attached to bodies: each stands alone with a hand at either end. One arm holds a knife and scissors at either end. Another arm holds loose hair with one hand - about to be cut by the first arm - and gropes another arm with the other hand. The third arm holds the hair spilling out from the second arm’s hand, and a tattoo gun in the other, about to infiltrate the first arm. Above the arms, there is The Suburban Review logo - a black square with text in the same colour, saying, 'The Suburban Review #29: ITCH'.

What’s that strange sensation simmering along your skin? Perhaps it’s The Suburban Review ITCH—a sharp collection of poetry, prose, comics, and art.

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