The Suburban Review #30 Spice


#30 Editorial

While preparing this issue of TSR, a number of our staff moved house—some several hours’ drive away, some to the other side of town. Others have spent time away for work, family, holidays. I’ve been living far from the place I think of as my home, and in recent months have hosted family and friends for long visits, in an effort to make this life into my life. Loved ones and I have spent this time talking about mutual friends (and enemies), cooking for each other and watching each other eat. 
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thank you for the photos

it must be hard to laugh off constant / reinfection   whisper herd immunity / like the password to a speakeasy / with me / us / the weekly dead / sat here like warts on pumpkins / ruining the normal
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Sometimes it’s like my body doesn’t exist and I’m just a spirit floating between spaces. But sometimes I’m all charged up and I feel as if I need to touch someone and be touched or I’ll shiver into sparks. Do you ever feel that?
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The gesture is so cliched it comes as a relief; I understand perfectly the way he wants everything to unfold. His shorts are fluorescent in the darkness. They gather on his stubby work boots.
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