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#31 Editorial

When we called out for contributions to this issue, I’d wondered whether our theme would sound, as a friend put it, ‘a bit desp.’ The term ‘subscribe’ has taken on a manic edge in the attention economy, and in an arts landscape where income from other sources, like funding or meaningfully secure work, is scarce.
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Link Rot

Travel through a windshield knowing / that ever since jackpot notifications creepered the digital sun- / dial, many are saying this: Take me there: Giddy up: / Giddy up or else.
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You pushed your finger through the peel: / flesh soft and wet as the inside of a cheek. / The immigrant’s fruit, half / and half again.
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Celluloid Dreams

like a lost passenger drifts towards an empty seat in a train carriage here we fall in love in a train carriage or at a cousin’s wedding because it’s meant to be because we are the exception
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I never questioned his obsession with my frogs because I wanted his friendship. In the shower, I practised holding my breath so one day I could trap many frogs in my mouth and splat them onto him all at once, just like he wanted.
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A sadness attacked him when he saw the gyre of fish, the salmon that were meant to leap from waterfalls and oceanic currents across the Atlantic and back to the freshwater creek of their birthplace, only they were devolving in the same churning circle, like a never-ending dance.
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The Afterparty

My watch is gone, maybe I left it on Craig’s table, maybe I don’t even own a watch. I don’t know how long I’ve been here. Just wandering in and out of these empty, orange rooms and smiling at all these smooth faces that don’t smile back.
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