TSR Publishing Internship

The Suburban Review (TSR) is a socially conscious literary collective situated in Australia’s rapidly declining independent publishing landscape. Our mission is to create and contribute to a robust local publishing community by publishing writers and artists, both emerging and established, and by practising sustainable, growth-oriented publishing in our team of editors.

TSR’s staff work remotely and publish work across Australia (and sometimes internationally). We know that excellent content requires excellent contributors and excellent editors. Equally, we know that all creative labour deserves remuneration, and our great success (an ambitious first among unaffiliated literary magazines) in 2018 was instituting guaranteed payments to editorial staff in line with the contributor fees we have offered since 2014.

Our Intern Program is suited towards emerging editors and writers, and we welcome applications from candidates with a passion for editing and publishing. We also encourage candidates studying publishing, editing, creative writing, visual arts and adjacent fields to apply, however these backgrounds are not prerequisites to entry into the program.

Please note that the Intern Program runs annually with two six-month sessions. We accept one intern into each six-month session. The next intake will open in mid 2024, pending funding.