The Suburban Review #29 Itch


#29 Editorial

Earlier this year I received the news that an old friend of mine had passed away. He’d gone at New Years—unable to bear, I guess, the symbolic turn into yet another year, yet another cycle. I spent two months not feeling this, keeping it tight under my skin; not realising how the grief was itching at me.
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My feet hurt then / in a new way / but I felt it sharply from the ground up / in everything that dropped down / from the trees onto the dead.
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Evening Anecdote

I tried / to settle into space without being in the way. With my back to history / the poetry came in through my right ear. When I smiled I smiled / to the right.
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Body Parts

Once I read in a girl’s magazine that all women should familiarise themselves with their vulvas, for situations exactly like this. I never did. If anyone else did, no one talked about it.
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They sit together in school. They ride their bikes towards the hills and watch them smoulder. The Stepfather cooks boiled eggs for breakfast and Velvet sticks them in her pocket to feed to the birds.
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