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Cover of The Suburban Review #34 MEETCUTE against a greyscale background of clothes piled on the floor of a laundry. Cover image is a digitally drawn scene in a laundromat in tones of beige, yellow, brown, and orange. In the foreground of the image, a person with short dark brown hair and glasses is holding open the glass door of one of the washing machines. They are wearing a rust-coloured sweater and brown pants. Their full laundry basket sits just below. Through the glass another person is visible—they have longer brown hair and bangs, and are wearing a mustard sweater and dark blue skirt. They’re sitting, holding an open book and looking into the distance, with a pensive expression on their face. In the background are more large washing machines in a line, all yellow in colour. At the top of the image, the laundromat’s beige walls and roof are visible. There is a feeling of slight tension, like the moment before something happens.
Image is a hand-drawn illustration of a person standing on a dark green background. They are wearing bright orange pants, a navy blue top with lilac crosses on it, green boots, and have a large crop of bouncy black hair that sits just above their shoulders, with a light green bow on the left side. They are wearing bright blush and blue eyeshadow. The person is blowing into a light green horn – that’s long and looped over, swirling in a surreal way. Colourful abstract shapes are pouring out of the end of the horn—in shades of pink, lilac, orange, navy, yellow, orange, and peach. The shapes float around the edges of the drawing; there is a feeling of playfulness and joy.
#32 Tenacity. 
An ink and digitally rendered illustration of labourers working around a machine in a factory surrounded by scaffolding, tools, tubing and wires. The people wear orange jumpsuits and gather to chat, climb ladders, hang from ropes, write notes, and work on machines. The image is dark,  mostly in a consistent moody blue colour, with light coming from an angle across the industrial site. The mood is one of inspiration. Over the cover readers the text, "The Suburban Review #32 Tenacity."
#31 Subscribe.
A cover artwork by Maddison Henriks. Image is a black and white illustration on a pastel sage green background. In the bottom half of the image, three feminine figures appear in black and white. They are surrounded by a fluid, squiggle-like border broken up by star shapes. Each face is different—one has her hair tied up in a ponytail, with a long fringe pinned back on each side, 90s style. They are facing the right side, looking pensive. Below and to the left, the second face has free flowing wavy hair with curtain bangs, freckles on their face, and their mouth is slightly open. They are facing the left but their eyes are glancing to the right, as if curious about something. The final figure in the bottom right corner has their eyes shut and face scrunched, with their tongue poking upwards out of their mouth. Their expression is cheeky or rebellious. Behind the drawings of the three faces, pixelated paper aeroplanes cover the background of the image, all positioned at different angles.