Cover Art – Hera Wing

Cover art. ‘NaCl' by Hera Wing for The Suburban Review #21: SALT.  The magazine’s logo and issue’s theme, SALT, are coloured maroon and occupy the top third of the image. The cover is a drawing on a calming background of khaki green fading to periwinkle at the top of the page. A skeletal underwater creature occupies the foreground, coloured dusty rose with bright lilac details. A fish-shaped head and human torso with small breasts and visible ribs gives way to exposed innards and a lilac backbone. The creature’s thighs have pouch-like openings, spilling out rose-pink eggs. A spiny back decorates the creature, like a seahorse, but instead of limbs, has a single tentacle winding from the arm sockets out the bottom of its legs. Little bulbs of light float upwards from the creature’s head, attached on thin, tendril-like stalks. The ocean floor is bare except for some mint-green mounds that resemble coral, with maze-like lilac designs winding around them. Some stalks of forest-green seaweed drift beside the human-fish creature, their leaves and stalks are rooted to the coral-mounds.