The cover is a drawing on a calming background of khaki green fading to periwinkle at the top of the page. A skeletal underwater creature occupies the foreground, coloured dusty rose with bright lilac details. A fish-shaped head and human torso with small breasts and visible ribs gives way to exposed innards and a lilac backbone. The creature’s thighs have pouch-like openings, spilling out rose-pink eggs. A spiny back decorates the creature, like a seahorse, but instead of limbs, has a single tentacle winding from the arm sockets out the bottom of its legs. Little bulbs of light float upwards from the creature’s head, attached on thin, tendril-like stalks. The ocean floor is bare except for some mint-green mounds that resemble coral, with maze-like lilac designs winding around them. Some stalks of forest-green seaweed drift beside the human-fish creature, their leaves and stalks are rooted to the coral-mounds.
The Suburban Review 21 Salt

#21 Editorial

The shapes taken in each work, the experiences of submission and resistance, speak to the sensitivity of us as beings, the textures we encounter and the capacity we have to receive and respond.
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as clay I take the dog to the long grey beach / needing the prick of all gathering upon me / a mother gull’s two young stalk overhead / entertaining that lore grows back
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She is my Julinda, Julinda Wocik. When I first met her, I thought her name sounded kind of scientific, the blinding crush of star spores.
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