Author name: Zoe Kingsley

ZOE KINGSLEY is the Deputy Editor (Poetry) at The Suburban Review. Zoe is a writer and collaborator living in Narrm Melbourne. Her poetry and art writing has been published in journals and magazines including Rabbit, The Happy Hypocrite, Powder Keg and Textual Practice.


Q&A with Elena Gomez

The grey background is superimposed with the cover of The Suburban Review #20 on the right. On the left is a close-up photo of Elena looking at the camera. She has shoulder-length dark hair. She wears a blue top and large pale-rimmed glasses.

ELENA GOMEZ is a poet and editor living in Melbourne. She is the author of Body of Work (Cordite Books, 2018) and a number of chapbooks. Her next book, Admit the Joyous Passion of Revolt, is forthcoming from Puncher & Wattmann. In your suite ‘Wilder’, published in #20: HANDBAG, you engage with materiality and ideology …

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Q&A with Holly Isemonger

Seafoam green bordered the abstract pattern. Aqua leaves splashed across a golden background, lines of white dots flow across the pattern in different directions. Holly Isemonger stands in front of a brick wall. She is wearing glasses and smiling, holding a magazine in one hand, with the title cut off by the frame of the photo.

HOLLY ISEMONGER was the joint winner of the 2016 Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize. She is the author of the chapbooks Hip Shifts (If A Leaf Falls Press) and Deluxe Paperweight (Stale Objects dePress). She co-edited Cordite Poetry Review’s DIFFICULT issue and can be found at @hismonger on Twitter. Our Deputy Editor, Zoe Kingsley, interviews …

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Q&A with Dave Drayton

An image of writer Dave Drayton. There is a square photograph of Dave from his chest up. He has short dark blonde hair and blue eyes. Dave is dressed in a slightly open red and blue flannel shirt. His face is turned slightly towards the camera with a serious look. The photo is bathed in warm sepia tones and you can see a piano in the background. This square photo is superimposed on a background featuring a phone screen in landscape orientation. The phone screen is set to a camera app displaying a white background with a shadow falling across it. The top of the screen reads ‘THE SUBURBAN REVIEW ISSUE #17 THEFT.’

Our Deputy Editor (Poetry) Zoe Kingsley interviews Dave Drayton about his poetry suite ‘Community Gardens’ for #17 THEFT. Read the interview here.

Q&A with Amy Yang

A photograph of artist Amy Yang against a white background. Amy Yang is holding folded silver holographic material against her chest. She has a chin-length black bob and is looking directly into the camera. Her hair is tucked behind her ear on the left side. A blue and yellow piece of fabric with IKEA on it dangles from her ear. Colourful Peppa Pig and Disney Princess stickers dot her cheeks.

Our Deputy Editor (Poetry) Zoe Kingsley interviews Amy Yang about her cover art ‘Unfolding’ for #16 UNFUNDED. Read the interview here.

Q&A with Stefanie Jordan

An illustration of the head and shoulders of a person with short cropped brown hair, yellow glasses, a small gold hoop earring in the visible ear, wearing a dark brown t shirt. The illustration is simple linework, almost a pop art style, with a neon green background. The person is looking off to the left and smiling slightly.

Our Deputy Editor (Poetry) Zoe Kingsley interviews TSR #16 contributor Stefanie Jordan about her comic titled ‘It Starts to Smell Like Winter’. Read the interview here.