Water as Grandmother’s House


Josie/Jocelyn Deane’s ‘Water as Grandmother’s House’ makes mention of death and features depictions of gender dysphoria.

I was/am aspiring to fluidity:
you, dripping down my grandmother’s
kitchen tap, oxidise the rim
solid as her royal knife
collection and empty cupboard; you still
dripping salt, I photo her house
without furniture, recording. My arms hairless
            —the megafauna returning to the sea,
becoming Dolphins
                                            You babble: your hand is
turning the tap
cold as the Channel you
drink, gestating
in your bladder/womb as
if it might selkie you, make you
see.                                   You bore
your grandmother like a droplet
of salt under your tongue,
the sudden drop of a lake
bed, cutting off into
an open space of open water,
a mutual translation of light.