you scoff at me, tell me 
I don’t get it
as you speed 
through a yellow light 
and my love lies down and dies
like an old dog, its swollen 
arthritic knees buckling
an undignified bow 
lowering its scabby body 
weakly into the dust
for the last time. tongue lolling
over yellow worn teeth, huffing
out a last putrid breath— 
a fat slug
of saliva slithering from the 
corner of a mouth solidified 
in a wretched groan.
it’s pissed itself.
a fly lands on the one good eye 
and wanders nonchalantly over
the glassy surface with its
little fly feet, loitering 
to taste the dried gunk in the 
corner before buzzing off to find
a cow shit
leaving my love 
to stiffen in the heat.