The Regional Review


A sadness attacked him when he saw the gyre of fish, the salmon that were meant to leap from waterfalls and oceanic currents across the Atlantic and back to the freshwater creek of their birthplace, only they were devolving in the same churning circle, like a never-ending dance.

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Sometimes it’s like my body doesn’t exist and I’m just a spirit floating between spaces. But sometimes I’m all charged up and I feel as if I need to touch someone and be touched or I’ll shiver into sparks. Do you ever feel that?

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Cover Art

An image taken at night outdoors. The bottom of the image is a photo of steel tea kettles sitting on a fire, coals burning underneath. There are hues of black, brown, and amber— flames are emerging to the left side of the kettles, and grass appears to be burning; lighting up the left side of the image orange. In the bottom right corner there are some light-painting squiggles in a neon orange— as if someone has waved a burning sparkler across the image. There’s an ambience of warmth, of being drawn in close.

Ella Ballhausen is a Tasmanian-based artist, bushwalking guide and ranger. Ballhausen places her camera in the natural landscape to create new dialogue with herself and her environment, so as to change her understanding of Nature.

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