Author name: Erin McFadyen

Erin is a writer and editor from Awabakal and Worimi land in Newcastle. Her writing can be found in Foam Magazine, Overland, Art & Australia, The Mascara Review, Review 31, and Artist Profile, where she was Deputy Editor from 2020 to 2023. She also writes catalogue essays and copy for arts organisations including Blacktown Arts Centre, and works occasionally as a freelance copy-editor, mainly on books about art.

#31 Editorial

When we called out for contributions to this issue, I’d wondered whether our theme would sound, as a friend put it, ‘a bit desp.’ The term ‘subscribe’ has taken on a manic edge in the attention economy, and in an arts landscape where income from other sources, like funding or meaningfully secure work, is scarce.

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#30 Editorial

While preparing this issue of TSR, a number of our staff moved house—some several hours’ drive away, some to the other side of town. Others have spent time away for work, family, holidays. I’ve been living far from the place I think of as my home, and in recent months have hosted family and friends for long visits, in an effort to make this life into my life. Loved ones and I have spent this time talking about mutual friends (and enemies), cooking for each other and watching each other eat. 

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#28 Editorial

It’s that time of year now when life is at its roundest, the dough of the long days risen and heavy. In such conditions, it’s easy to register richness, abundance, and fruition as wholly delightful things.To leaven can, indeed, be delightful—but, as this issue has reminded me, to think of it only in this way has a bit of a hellish ‘jobs and growth’ vibe.

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#26 Editorial

Amongst the reliefs felt after the result of the recent Federal election was a little sprinkle on top: we wouldn’t have to publish this celebratory issue of TSR into a world where no cause for celebration could be plausibly conceived.

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