Author name: Erin McFadyen


Q&A with Lily Cameron

A grey background image with the cover of The Suburban Review #23 PUNCTURE, and an image of Lily Cameron. Lily has dark hair in a messy mullet-shaped cut. Lily is sitting at a wooden table, writing in a notebook, and smiling at the camera. She has several simple arm tattoos, and wears a sheer black tshirt and a checkered pink, blue and yellow pinafore or overalls. Underneath her picture is written 'Lily Cameron', and smaller writing under that reads, 'New Issue Out Now,'

Our Deputy Editor, Erin McFadyen, talks to Lily Cameron about her fiction piece ‘Queenspotting’ published in #23: Puncture.

Q&A with Neika Lehman

NEIKA LEHMAN is a writer, visual artist, and member of this mob collective. Neika descends from the Trawlwoolway peoples of tebrakunna Country, lutruwita. Their written and visual work explores time, desire, Country, and the politics of memory in settler-colonial Australia. Our Deputy Editor, Erin McFadyen, talks to Neika about their poetry suite ‘comber’ published in #21: Salt. …

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