thank you for the photos


‘thank you for the photos’ makes mention of the COVID-19 pandemic and death.

thank you for the photos

of all your travel    now that the new normal

has come   to keep me down inside

my hollow well      bottomless with vulnerability

the pictures of your excitement      give me

pleasure   nausea    rage

exciting       to throw off restraint

get back on those planes      terrible

I agree      that we were stopped

     from our holidays 

     so glad

    you are back  

                        look at you

concerts            drinking   a motor on your arse

the road block  is still up

when it comes to

     driving here

     wearing a mask for an hour

    doing a RAT beforehand

it must be hard to laugh off constant

reinfection   whisper herd immunity

like the password to a speakeasy

    with me 


    the weekly dead

sat here like warts on pumpkins   

ruining the normal

gastritis on the porch on   Sunday morning

gather little beasts and weals

     hear the birds   see the moon    cicada rocket from the ground

my stomach tells my skin  outcry

better I live    like an asteroid or comet

asserting my existence through electronic repetition

too-close-a-contact  evinces fiery crash

on the porch I keep a guestbook  for

the weekends    the tense sad holidays

when I can’t travel to family

   the hours

   tin-canned in others’ air  

these treasures

ones who touch the gate

share this house arrest