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Spicy Lemon Sour
A two-frame panel of the animated comic 'Spicy Lemon Sour,' by Kazkom. 

This comic is hand-drawn with pen in mostly black and grey, with pops of red. In the left frame, handwritten text reads 'Your favourite drink was a Spicy Lemon Sour.' Underneath this text is a line drawing of a drink in a short cocktail glass, a large square ice cube bounding inside. Two red chilies sit on the drink's surface. Just above the drink, stars twinkle and burst. 

At the top of the right frame, text reads, 'I'd order myself one too so you'd think I was cool.' Below this text, a digital-drawn illustration shows two people sitting side-by-side at bar The person on the left, with 'sour' written across their chest, sits still. The person on the right looks over at their companion with small stars twinkling from their eyes, and raises two fingers to order a drink. Dialogue pops up above their face. It reads '2 please!'
A single-frame panel of the comic. At the centre of the frame, inside a circular aperture, an animated drawing shows a close-up of lips animated as they sip the Spicy Lemon Sour. A small red chili from the drink's surface almost reaches the lips, then retracts with animation. Sweat beads on their cheeks.

Around this circle are four squares, reading 'Hot,' 'Fiery', 'Burning me slowly', and 'Rush of adrenaline', in clockwise order.
A three-frame panel.

The top left panel reads 'You never noticed', and shows the couple from the top panel sitting side-by-side at the same bar. The person on the left looks down at their glass, twirling their drink. The person on the right turns their head away as a red flame bursts from their mouth. Tears run down their face. 

In the top right frame, text reads 'but I also never gave it away.' The two people at the bar sit looking happily at each other, with small hearts dancing around the face of the right-hand person. Their cheeks glow a bright red. 

The bottom frame shows the contents of the Spicy Lemon Sour in a puddle, without a glass. A slice of lemon and two chilies sit in a pool of water. Text reads, 'Perhaps that's why we didn't last.'


KAZKOM is a freelance illustrator, animator, and comic artist currently creating on unceded Gadigal land, Sydney. Driven by an attraction to raw and unapologetic storytelling, Kaz often explores moments from her lived experiences as a queer Japanese Australian.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

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