The Suburban Review #27—WEEDS


We offer you a wily, weedy bouquet. In the hands of our contributors, WEEDS become objects of reverence, resistance, disdain, and even—really, always—ambivalence. 

Opening the issue, Bastian Fox Phelan takes a walk through George McGregor Park. Sam Morley’s weeds grow against the odds. Communities of care gather around Sofia Sabbagh’s mallow, while Shubhangi Singh pictures the violence visited upon pregnant (or not-pregnant) bodies. Jennifer Nguyen’s micro-fictions weave through registers of the mundane and the fantastical—as does Theresa Tully’s story of love and loss at the laundromat, lovingly illustrated by Thom Nguyen. Tim Loveday’s poems take on cockatoos and council chambers. Clea Chiller’s weeds answer back, Rob Johnson’s are hive-minded, and Emma Yearwood closes the issue with reflections on the very most pressing matters. 

Our cover features lacework by Maggie Hensel-Brown.


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