I Despise Communism / Time is a Blah

I Despise Communism

or whatever it is that you stand for.
At the dinner gathering you asked me,
‘You really think that the Cultural Revolution is brutal?’
I, gobsmacked; the glass of wine I was holding turned into the colour of blood.

In my country, working-class men do not drink wine.
You told me the critique of the Cultural Revolution is Western propaganda.
I told you to fuck off.

Time is a Blah

Tonight I am the moonlight self-styled sprawling time. Time is a blah. You are the better rock. Sneeze nonsense. Toxic nostalgic loop of thoughts. Tyrants those who were/are poets. Queer puppet lapping, clapping rustic palm. Wishful thinking. Not so loud. Tyrannical. Be still and bored. I hold and fold your scent. Tainted that second night, the other you. Rigid. Which is exactly what. Self-indulgent. You don’t want.