This cover is illustrated on brown cardboard and features vivid illustrations of figures entwined and dancing. In the forefront of the image, several people congregate and embrace while spinning turntables. Fireworks and glasses of champagne are visible in the background. The people have golden brown skin and wear clothing and accessories in bright blues, reds and purples. Each figure seems to twist and turn into the next, the long lines of their limbs and hair creating illusions across the image.
The Suburban Review 26 Revel

#26 Editorial

Amongst the reliefs felt after the result of the recent Federal election was a little sprinkle on top: we wouldn’t have to publish this celebratory issue of TSR into a world where no cause for celebration could be plausibly conceived.
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And the awkward gestures of having asked to touch, slowly, / and then the touch, less slow, dissolving the questions in those first gestures
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The Magic Act

It takes a kind of callous discipline to keep a place at such a studied level of derelict. That is the requisite of teleportation: you need to know your destination.
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Queer Revelry

His love for fostering community was motivated by a deep-seated desire to uproot the church, pull it apart and use the pieces to carve out space for queer people.
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