#33 HYPE

Image is a hand-drawn illustration of a person standing on a dark green background. They are wearing bright orange pants, a navy blue top with lilac crosses on it, green boots, and have a large crop of bouncy black hair that sits just above their shoulders, with a light green bow on the left side. They are wearing bright blush and blue eyeshadow. The person is blowing into a light green horn – that’s long and looped over, swirling in a surreal way. Colourful abstract shapes are pouring out of the end of the horn—in shades of pink, lilac, orange, navy, yellow, orange, and peach. The shapes float around the edges of the drawing; there is a feeling of playfulness and joy.

HYPE is a flashy little fiend that worms its way from veins to ribcage, bursting at the seams with flutter and bustle. Join us in the revelry as Nicholas Wong navigates swipes and storms; Indigo Bailey implores us to consider the flesh, while Lucy Robin plays with queer obsession.

Shu-Ling Chua explores the journey from resentment to escape, and Sean West submerges us in aquatic secrets. Rebekah Roma tackles the rental crisis and all its indignities; Emmy Cherry observes the art of the little death. Fionn McCabe embodies both the power and ramifications of love, while Maki Morita moves through girlhoods past and present. Luna Tunes’s lines and etches offer a quiet chaos, and Renee Melia’s cover, in all its Technicolor splendour, is HYPE manifested.