#29 ITCH

The cover for The Suburban Review #29: ITCH against a washed green and brown closeup of the folds of a knitted sweater. Cover shows a graphic illustration with arms tangling together against a blank milky purple background. The arms are not attached to bodies: each stands alone with a hand at either end. One arm holds a knife and scissors at either end. Another arm holds loose hair with one hand - about to be cut by the first arm - and gropes another arm with the other hand. The third arm holds the hair spilling out from the second arm’s hand, and a tattoo gun in the other, about to infiltrate the first arm. Above the arms, there is The Suburban Review logo - a black square with text in the same colour, saying, 'The Suburban Review #29: ITCH'.

What’s that strange sensation simmering along your skin? Perhaps it’s the 29th issue of The Suburban Review—a sharp, stirring collection of poetry, prose, comics, and art.

Enter TSR#29: ITCH through a tingling, tangled cover by Joanna Du. Make it through yet another poetry reading with Kristian Radford, and picture human–animal companionship in lutruwita with Joshua Santospirito. Cry in a Kia sedan with Andrew Menken. Watch Sophie Tegan Gardiner’s flashes of possibility emerge and recede.

Place your bare feet on the ground with Lucy Dougan, and wonder about genital warts with Grace Tong. Strike your enemies down with eczema alongside Mitch Hearn, and look through the eyes of a perceptive child with Jade Peters. Before you go, head to Thomas Hardy’s house with Josie/Jocelyn Suzanne—and don’t forget your cat ears.