Itchius Spellius

Page 2 Panel 1: Above three panels, a large arm with a boxing glove is labelled with the words, “COULD PACK A PUNCH.” Panel 2: A spikey panel with distressed-looking monsters at the bottom and an image of dice shows text, “GHASTLY COUSINS. AC: 15, HP: 255, 45 ft.” A small image of a skull follows with, “incapacitated from full body eczema rash.” Panel 3: Similar style to panel 2, the text reads, “MEOZIUS PAW. Ac 21, HP: 105, 60ft.” An image of a sword follows with, “Forever itching a severe case of psoriasis.” The monster under the text has horns and a grizzly expression. Panel 4: Similar in style to panels 2 and 3, text reads, “BLEARSCHT. AC: 18, HP 97, 20 ft. Too embarrassed to leave their case due to face dermatitis.” The monster at the bottom covers its face with its 6 hands, distressed. Panel 5: A monster lies in the grass. It wears shorts and has a pillow under its head. Text circles their body, “BUT HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO SLEEP WHILE COVERED IN BEASTBUG BITES?” Panel 6: The adventurer stands at the edge of a cliff, sceptre raised. They are small in comparison to the monster they encounter. It has a skull face, a chain around its neck, and other features reminiscent of trees and brick buildings. A ribbon at the bottom of the panel reads, “...unfortunately.” Panel 7: A ribbon crossing the panel reads, “Sometimes, the easy way doesn’t work.” The adventurer looks worried, raising their scepter toward the monster. Panel 8: With an intimidating pose, the giant monster towers over the adventurer on the cliff. Text on a ribbon reads, “and you must confront the thing.” Panel 9: The adventurer launches from the cliff, against the clouds in the sky, toward the monster. The monster screams and raises its hand. The final ribbon at the bottom of the panel reads, “Head on.”

Mitch Hearn is a queer animator, illustrator and avid snack eater living on Kaurna Country (Adelaide) who uses all kinds of mediums in his practice.

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