The Wallaby

Page 4 Panel 1: A large brown tick swells with blood within a glowing blue outline. Text reads, "Later I asked Tom about ticks that might cause blindness.” Panel 2: An orange circle filled with smaller circles - the toxoplasmosis parasite under a microscope - glows. Text reads, "He reckoned these were classic signs of Toxoplasmosis.” Panel 3: A cat looks over its shoulder with a jagged line indicating its line of gaze. Text reads, “84% of introduced feral cats in Tasmania carry the parasite.” Panel 4: The wallaby munches on grass. A toxoplasmosis parasite glows underground, beneath the wallabies’ feet as she munches. Text reads, "Wallabies eat feaces in grass and transmit from mother to baby.” Panel 5: Against an orange-green background, the wallaby spins in a circle formation with white eyes, her nose almost touching her tail. Text reads, "They go blind, are tormented,” Panel 6: Against a white background lays an off-white wallaby skull. Text reads, "and die in large numbers.”

Joshua Santospirito (he/him) is a graphic novelist and multimedia artist living in Nipaluna on Palawa land, Lutruwita (Tasmania).

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