A high-definition photograph with an aerial view of five rows of bread bag tags. The tags are assorted into different colours: green, yellow, blue, white, orange, and brown. They are packed dense but untidy. The number of tags in each colour group is inconsistent, and each colour group repeats without following a pattern. The rows of tags continue outside the frame of the image.
The Suburban Review, #28 Leaven. Black bold text in a white square.


#28 Editorial

It’s that time of year now when life is at its roundest, the dough of the long days risen and heavy. In such conditions, it’s easy to register richness, abundance, and fruition as wholly delightful things.To leaven can, indeed, be delightful—but, as this issue has reminded me, to think of it only in this way has a bit of a hellish ‘jobs and growth’ vibe.
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Blood Yeast

death snatches what profound regret mixed in the man that quit all things elation the will surprise and joy pig butchered in the crypto scam soulmate love stolen motorbike
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The pitch

These breasts are breaking into milk bars and stealing packets of Winnie Blues. They are finding telephones in office buildings and spraying shaving foam into them. The breasts are turning on sprinkler systems in fancy gardens of big houses.
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Where They Purr

When I lie in the dark, I think I can hear the tiny mews. They are confident minor chords, invading the night like church bells, cut loose and rolling down a hill.
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She had always felt alienated from the erotic but with Horse was realising she did not need to overthink it; provided he did not say anything stupid, she could inhabit her body in a way that was purely somatic…
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Dissolve Cut

Even the smallest details came through clearly: the scuff marks on his windowsill from where Alexander had spent hours looking at the houses across the street.
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