A stylised illustration of a lemonade stand. The stand is coral pink. Manning the stand is a large figure with wild dark hair and yellow, cat-like eyes, wearing dark blue plaid and a red apron. The front of the stand is covered by a tablecloth decorated with lemons, behind which two frogs are seen to be jumping out from under the table. Several small children line up to be served from a jug of ominous green liquid.
The Suburban Review #25 JUICE

#25 Editorial

I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s only March and I’m already out of juice for 2022. It feels like everything that was put off, set aside, or marked as ‘too hard’ over the last two years has been concentrated into this new and promising year, and I for one am worn thin—like I’ve been strained of my pulp; squeezed out.
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There’s one who looks about the same age as me. He has a buzzcut, his fringe a straight edge. He smiles, but I don’t want to look like I am looking, so I tilt my water bottle up to hide my eyes.
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Soy Juice

For years, I have relished these items on the menu. Criticising the bamboo curtain? Sure. I can speak firsthand of its all-encompassing reign. Celebrating the culture? Certainly. I have it in abundance. I eat culture for breakfast, literally.
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Detox and Toxin-ated

As a teenager in front of my bedroom mirror, I was the first Asian–Australian to play Roxie from Chicago, my rendition of her titular song visceral and heart-breaking all at once. You felt my pain, you felt my obsession.
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