my body bites itself to death from the inside
       mind of its own accord to teethe gnawing
              at cheeks vacationing by night-time to
                           test its vice-like grip on cowards
                                 hidden flesh the helpless foes
                                              pink and polyp’d now
                                                      like a topology of
                                                                                       fine no
                                                                                      really it’s just
                                                                                       my face hurts and I
                                                                                       can’t drink orange juice
                                                                                       anymore but at least we’re
                                                                                       almost halfway to 15 per cent
                                                                                       how much money would you pay
                                                                                       to outsource all your psychological
                                                                                       problems to something psychosomatic
                                                                                       I have an idea for a start-up and I just need