Alshaad Kara’s ‘New Year’ and ‘Nirvana ’make mention of violence and murder.


New Year

Drunk to the last bottle,
I engulf myself to the joy of those juiciest juices! 

Packaged in a golden brass,
I love the tasty strawberry,
Traditional flavour bringing my gulped nutrients.

Free drinks at the bar,
Everyone cheery on the new juices,
We live in the fanatic fluids!

Fantastic fluids bombarding our cells,
Everyone cheery on the new juices,
I engulf myself to the joy of those juiciest juices!


Celebrate our lunch,
Luxury of the busts,
Laugh our pleasures, 

Kiss our bodies,
Soak ourselves as one, 
Thanks to you,
Touch starved,

I prepared my pineapple juice,
Happily content on this drinkable,
You are poisoned. 

Love looking dope.
Lust freshly cutting the tightrope.
I become your sole heir,
Hail my juicer! 

Who knew a simple juice could play a marvellous trick!

Shine a smile,
That’s our juicy orgy.