A watercolour backwash of gently stained light purples and greys. A snake with a long, curved body occupies the majority of the frame. The snake’s head is slightly left of centre, and the creature’s neck twists down and around, with the tail curving around and up, towards the upper right corner of the image. The snake is hissing, revealing sharp fangs and a long, forked tongue. Its body is covered in reddish brown scales with a soft white underbelly, but the skin is cracked and peeling in several places, revealing white vertebrae and soft yellow flesh. Bony spikes poke through the snake’s skin at several points throughout its body. Dark blue patterns emanate from the snake’s head, giving the illusion of a frilled neck.
The Suburban Review 23 PUNCTURE

#23 Editorial

Yesterday I saw my six year old niece for the first time in years. She sat on a car boot while I waved hi from the front of my house, unable to go and hold her to me tightly.
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My phone died. I went out / walking            : / Carlton Gardens / habiting myself / to the dazzling and vast / epiphenomena of mineral extraction
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It feels to Melina like she’s circular breathing, can’t tell where her ideas end and Aisha’s start as they work through the problems of the hive as easily as inhaling.
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Almost All of It

I have a Messenger/text/email transcript, the final digital exchanges of a near-dead daughter-hood, but I cannot remember the last words spoken.
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