The Line

Page Three: This page shows four text boxes, collaged with inverted sketches that show the background as black, and the lines in the drawings as white. They have scratches and scuff marks on them. One sketch shows a hand holding a rose. One shows a character’s arms, and their left arm is holding up a sword. The other three images show swirled patterns. The top left text box reads: “Tattooing and cartooning both involve copying and infinitely repeating yourself. But tattooing a line is a wholly different experience to drawing a line. The top right box reads: “Tattooing a line is pure geometry, pure maths. A line = a connected set of infinitely (infinitely is underlined) many points. What is a point if not a prick, a puncture in time? In space? Roland Barthes talks about... The bottom left text box shows that the original text has been erased with white-out, and the following text added over the top: “The punctum in photography as being this kind of unexpected, uncontrolled thing that pierces us.” There is a small illustration of an arrow. The bottom right text box also has been whited out in some areas, and reads: “That which pierces me is always a line - of a cartoon, drawing, of a poem or song. If a line is a set of infinite points I want to make all of them.”

Comic ‘The Line’ by Leonie Brialey for The Suburban Review PUNCTURE.

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