The cover is a photograph; a man and woman walk down a flight of steps with their backs to us, a city stretching out before them. The image has a vintage, faded, sun-kissed feel to it, the sky an almost grey-teal and the buildings mostly light pinks.
The Suburban Review #20 HANDBAG

#20 Editorial

This issue is everything you carry around with you. Close the reader app on your phone and slip this issue into your pocket. It’ll be right at home.
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Brown snakeskin / in my arms, still: ‘leaves, nuts’ / ‘berries, fruits’ / fawned, scrapped away / my belly gaped
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The Clean Out

Imagine his surprise when the contusion / on my occipital lobe was not blood at all but a list of household necessities — a whole / case of UP&GO, women’s, men’s, and children’s multivitamins…
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Ordinary Objects

The body is funny that way. It learns from trauma, changes to protect itself from more. Often, it does this in ways that are useless or dangerous. You’re exposed to an allergen and you survive.
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Skating has directionless purpose and a multimodal ease: you can tuck a board under your arm in a second, walk into a shopping centre or clear a garden bed.
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