One Shoulder or Two

Page 2 From the top left: The text reads, ‘One shoulder or two. Who are you?’ To the right, two men stand in nature, each with a backpack over their shoulder. The text reads, ‘Hip student days far behind time to grow up. A briefcase something more mature’. To the left, a middle-aged man with a backpack over his shoulder looks at a handbag on a pedestal. The text reads, ‘Burdens now of a vintage variety’, and on a new line below, ‘Lost loves become broken marriages’. To the right, a complex, beautiful symbol: a heart, half in flame, is divided down the centre, seemingly being shredded, with a thorny rose growing up and around, leading the eye to two wedding rings. Intersecting it is a grid against which two arrows are plunging down, bisecting a slamming gavel. The text reads, ‘Minimalist’, on the next line, ‘Survivalist’, below it, ‘Old shames’, again below, ‘New regrets’, and finally, the last line of text reads, ‘What do you carry?’ To the left, an elderly, bearded man with closed eyes, a handbag over his shoulder. His hair flows up into two hands holding open an empty wallet. To the right, a soldier with an enormous pack is superimposed over a hippy-type who sits atop their own enormous pack, legs crossed and arms resting as if meditating against the backdrop of a forest.

A two-page comic by Darren C. Fisher for The Suburban Review #20: Handbag

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