Places I Have Never Been

Page 3. Panel 1: A long panel of three framed photographs sitting atop a bookshelf. In each we see our narrator as a young woman with her friend. (Her partner perhaps? I wonder where she is now?) In the first photograph they stand by a windsock, mountains in the background and hiking packs over puffy jackets. In the second, they pose before the Eiffel Tower. We can only glimpse a sliver of the third photo, it seems to be her friend beneath a palm tree with the ocean in the background. Below the panel, a speech bubble on the lower right reads, ‘I’ve seen places I never could have dreamed of.’ The next three panels are designed to look like photographs, overlapping one another as if plopped down on a table. Panel 2: The narrator posing in front of her computer screen. On the screen are the Pyramids of Giza. Panel 3: A poorly framed selfie, the narrator smiles before her computer screen, this time displaying a forest. Panel 4: This one is framed pretty well, it’s convincing! It really looks like our narrator is standing before Machu Picchu. Panel 5: A speech bubble reads, ‘People on Facebook must be wondering how on earth I do it!’ The narrator’s Facebook page, showing one of the photos she’s uploaded of her herself posing before a historical building. Panel 6: A speech bubble reads, ‘HA HA!’ The narrator is sitting alone at her computer desk, a halo of light from the screen illuminating the dim room.

A four-page comic by Harriet McDougall for The Suburban Review #20: Handbag

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