Coyote Ugly / This City Is Going To The Frogs

Coyote Ugly

i hold undo and the poem shivers, dies. a pillow on the face of my ego. if I
trip over my words, what then. freefall and a dull noise. i’m sorry, i should
have listened longer. your voice was edgeless, i thought it would go on
forever, like how an actor can die in a movie then get up and walk away. you
would have known his name. now he lives on the tip of my tongue, lays his
head on my molar and goes to sleep. you could always tell when they stopped
aging, could pinpoint the very moment their own magnetisms pulled their
faces back and then there was my face, bathed in screenlight, pixels foaming
at the mouth. your manky couch coyote. canines blackening under the
pressure, toothache every time you leave the room. tonight my mouth is full
of actors, legs flexing whenever
i bite down. i’m sorry. i should have listened longer.
there’s so much blood in my mouth, how do you expect me to respond?
well that’s it, isn’t it. the moon rolling over in the bedsheet, stars yielding to the
wax. i open my mouth and close it again, muffled screaming and a dull noise.
there’s nothing more to say.

This City Is Going To The Frogs

There was a problem with my camera. Your
face came out blurry,
a pinkwhite halo hinted at your mouth
Having trouble picturing our last day, memory outruns
the shutter speed and turns to mist
We were suspended in the dandenongs
the sky was the negative image of birds on the drive home
Love was a radio wave, but still
what magic is clean to the end, the mould,
your stomach, flowering the whole world
I’ve been thinking about what you said,
this city is going to the frogs
croak and whimper, there is static in the water
I’ve been watching the eagles
enter freefloat, I’ve been hearing
your frequency in the waves, your ghost
still quivers in the wifi
Begin forwarded message, sunrise.png,
5:54AM you should have been here
It looks horrible without you
Steaming orange turd on love mountain
but whatever, go enjoy the window
The sexuality of absence, I would have stayed
If only I’d known, but how could I have
I was looking up for once like
Who died and left you in the clouds?