Q&A with Deputy Editor Anupama Pilbrow

Do you think it’s important to finish reading each book that you start?
No. I don’t always finish the books that I start. I think you gain something from a book no matter how much, or how little, of it you read. For me, the reading and the interpretation of the book trump. All that I can gain from a book I will gain.
Sometimes people think I mean that I don’t finish books if I don’t like them. No, I stop and start and backtrack as I read. I mostly read about four books at once. Sometimes this means that I don’t read the whole of a book, sometimes this means that I don’t finish a book even if I love it, sometimes I force myself to finish books that I don’t enjoy. I trust that I make valid decisions in the moment. Besides, unless I die, I can finish the book another time.
When I do finish a book, I note it down with my thoughts in a journal for safekeeping.
What are you up to in life, outside of kicking butt with The Suburban Review?
Yes, I do kick butt with The Suburban Review! In my life in 2015 I will begin my Master of Science (Mathematics and Statistics) at The University of Melbourne. I also learn Hindi, and I write—mainly poetry and short fiction.
I like thinking and talking and I do both a lot. Since I believe (for the most part) that ‘Everything happens in conversation,’ I really just talk a whole lot. Oh, and I watch a lot of Conan.
Do you think you will continue to write as you get older?
God, I hope so. However, things change. I don’t know.
What are you looking forward to the most in Vol.6 of The Suburban Review?
I look forward to so many things!
I think The Suburban Review‘s flavor changes in each volume. I love to see the tensions and intricacies between pieces that arise when we make our final choices on what we publish—each volume’s voice really depends on the pieces published in it! I love to witness the critical interactions between pieces. Proximity and order make a difference in how each piece gets read and how the volume functions as a whole. Just like everybody else, I guess I look forward to seeing what kind of a beast we create with Vol.6!
You can find the pozible for Vol. 6 here!