Q&A with Comic Editor Chris Gooch



When I spend too much time playing Tetris, or Sudoku, I start to see the world in neat, patterned frames. My perspective shifts. You could say that comics and written narratives differ according to a perspective shift. Do you ever find yourself re-framing, re-parametrizing the world when you spend a long time working on a comic?


No, not really. I mainly just get tired after drawing for a long time. That’s a rad question though.


Do you think you will continue to make comics as you grow older?


I would certainly like to think so. I think I’d really hate myself if I didn’t, like I was wasting time and not doing anything. But at the same time I can’t really say that I know what an adult life really consists of, or requires financially, so who knows, maybe there’ll only be a few more years where I can do this. I hope I can continue to do this stuff for a long time though.


What are you looking forward to the most in Vol.6 of The Suburban Review?


Comics, which are gonna be by Joseph Lynch and Frances Cannon, super excited to see what they do. Both are really great artists.

You can find more of Chris’ artwork here.
You can find the pozible for Vol. 6 here!