Q&A with Associate Editor Duncan Fardon


If you were forced to live the rest of your life inside any novel, which would you choose and why?
1984… kidding. But aren’t we already living inside a novel? Okay, okay, I’ll play: Mostly I’d like to just duck into a few novels as an observer. Blend into the street and catch a glimpse of Raskolnikov as he’s on his way to commit murder, see that mad glint in his eye, or go sit in the laundromat and surreptitiously peek at any one of Murukami’s characters doing their washing (they’re always at the laundromat).
Have you ever had an epiphany, or just a profound moment of realization, about the nature of writing and the nature of creativity? Can you tell us about it?
Yeah, it takes an immense amount of time, skill and effort to create something worthwhile, and only one tiny error to unravel the whole thing in peoples’ minds. That’s why editing is so important, and why it’s highly beneficial to open yourself up to criticism. It can only improve things.

What are you looking forward to most from Vol. 6 of The Suburban Review?
Releasing just one print edition this year gives a really great sense of anticipation. A print object is also a great excuse to get a lot of creative people in a room together to enjoy what they love doing most: sharing stories and ideas. It’s this which helps create a vibrant writing culture in Melbourne. Issue 6 will have a pur-bound spine, so not only will look great on a bookshelf, but also have a great deal more content than the quarterly issues. New issues always promise such an array of possibilities, and rarely disappoint!
You can find the pozible for Vol. 6 here!