#32 Tenacity

#32 Editorial

Well, here it is—the final issue in our ten month celebration of ten years publishing The Suburban Review. This is the birthday issue, the milestone, and the feather in the cap of all the staff, writers, board directors, and supporters who have been involved since 2013. And most of all, this is a thank you—for the opportunity to learn from and lead this powerhouse of generous publishing, and for the chance to learn what Tenacity might mean in such an industry. Like the figures in Rebecca Stewart’s wonderful cover, we know that it involves a whole lot of work, and the joy of creation.

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Go to find someone to fall in love with before the end of the world

A close-up photo of a bright red condom wrapper, unopened. Overlaid, in blue block capital letters, are the words: ‘GO FIND SOMEONE TO FALL IN LOVE WITH BEFORE THE END OF THE WORLD’.

CHUNXIAO QU is a Chinese-born artist and poet living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Her practice is largely focused on language, spanning various media including neon installation, painting, sculpture, and screen print. Qu explores various modes of conceptual installation, often working with very minimal forms and structures. Her work is at once both concise and deeply inquisitive, playful and pointed.

Qu has published two poetry collections: This poetry book is too good to have a name & Logic Poetry (Discipline, 2022) and Popcorn: Porn of Poetry (no more poetry, 2021).

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