The Suburban Review #34 MEETCUTE


Context -> meetcute -> witty banter -> horny -> conflict -> horny again -> WEDDING. There’s so little in this world that we can rely on to follow expected patterns.
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Two Poems

Sliding Doors subjectively a better poem than that Robert Frost. Two roads diverged in a Sliding Door. Sliding Doors but Gwyneth eating tempophagy I am eating door.
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She drove; / she only drank Red Bulls / and had a fount of uncynical / innocence I couldn’t compete with, / I mean she sang the radio / the whole way back / while commenting I was / the only drunk in existence / who wouldn’t sing or dance / to stuff.
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sweet dreams

I’m so glad you are doing well and I’m feeling better now but I need you to know that I can’t sleep these days and I can’t write. So I’m up all night trying to stick the brightest star on the tip of my tongue. This is my soft apocalypse…
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The Last Supper

The dinner party, then, is one of the few forms of social theatre we queers have left still tinged with the kind of comforting repression that would make it recognisable to, say, a supernaturally resurrected Virginia Woolf.
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