A delicate circle of needle lace featuring a hand surrounded by white intertwined vines. Tiny white beads form the border and adorn the white vines. The hand has bright red nails and looks like it’s reaching towards the top. It’s emerging from a green, yellow and white sleeve featuring a variety of lace stitches. This intricate piece is placed against a plain black background, giving an otherworldly effect.
The Suburban Review 27 Weeds


#27 Editorial

There’s a purple-flowered, climbing weed somewhere in my yard at all times. We call it the ‘alien vine’ for its powerful and persistent occupation of our space, and its otherworldly ability to wind its way through walls, under the deck, up through the roof, or into the windows of the shed.
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Simulalation Suite

i knew childhood was over when my kindergarten teacher corrected me said the proper term was horse and not horsey think about yennefer in the cinematic opening of the witcher 3 summoning a storm riding furiously on her horsey
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View Vigilance

And I say hands, but that’s more just a ballpark word. What they actually were is not easy to say. They looked like something out of a swamp or a bog, like something dead that’s been in water a while. 
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Double Load Wednesdays

I can’t blame Mum, though. Most people would miss it. I saw it on Mediums Uncensored. Hope blinds you. And seeing as Mum has enough hope in her for the two of us combined, she’s as blind as a coat hanger.
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Mother versus Mother

The blood seeped from my knickers into the ears of my family-in-law and a pall of mourning covered the Sinha house. My mother-in-law kept timing my cycles even after we moved into our own place.
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I remind myself that there is a difference between identifying and understanding, between information and connection. Citizen science is a way in, though, a way for me to introduce myself to this place.
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