Nicky Minus’s cover art of The Suburban Review, Issue 22: Organise and Mobilise, is composed of bright, vibrant solid colours and bold, black outlines. The dense collage of colours and shapes has irregularly-shaped white letters with black outlines, woven into the brightness. The words ‘organise’ and ‘mobilise’ descend from both top corners, meeting in the middle so that both words share the final letters of ‘-ise’. There are several faces with bright, angular features with smiles and calm, closed eyes, one beside a speech bubble with three different coloured exclamation marks. Two faces are red, one is two tones of yellow and orange, the latter has a purple mohawk and has a green and yellow arm extended upward. A purple and green figure stands in the corner with an arm extended into the air. A multitude of spots, stripes, zigzags, triangles, arrows and other brightly coloured shapes pass over and around each other. The effect is a bright, bold, loud cacophony of shapes and letters. The artwork has a calm, confident and unreserved tone.
The Suburban Review #22 Organise & Mobilise


I ask Xinyu if he remembers what blue looks like. He points to my shirt, the standard blue uniform striped with grey, 3M Scotchlite reflective film.
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