TSR header 20 Handbag1

In the foreground, orange text with a darker gradient and slight shadow to the lower right reads "#20 HANDBAG". The background is the stippled, uneven surface of a wall painted white. The shadows of uneven swirls and stippled surface form lines and constellations behind the text. To the right, a faded, rectangular, orange-hued photograph that depicts the landing area of an airport. The image is on a sharp diagonal. In the background of the photograph is an airplane, it looks older than our current airplanes. In the midground of the photograph, a figure in a dress walks towards us and away from the airplane. The figure wears a stylish wide-brimmed hat, and a belt cinched in at the waist around their dress. They hold a case in their left hand, and a plastic bag of some description in their right hand. They appear to be mid-step, and, though stylish, no features can really be distinguished.