A photograph taken from the base of a canyon of rust-red rock. A triangle of white sky can be seen between the two canyon sides, creating a central focal point for the image. Overlayed on this image is bold, bright pink text that reads '#19: ECHO'.

You call out and a voice comes back to you. Is it yours? A sonic splintering? Or are there other voices calling? Is it a chorus? Harmonious? Or is it interference?

Are these voices of ghosts from another world or dwellers from the world you occupy and share? What is gained and lost in this echo? Let us know.

Submissions EXTENDED! Now open until 11.59pm Sunday 12 July AEST!

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We allow simultaneous submissions, if it’s been accepted elsewhere just email us and let us know. We only allow one submission per person (that means you need to choose if you want to submit fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comics, or art). To submit poetry (that’s a maximum of 3 poems), make sure all the poems are in a single document.

When submitting your file, make sure your submission fits into one of the payment categories below. (Please don’t send us your novels and poetry manuscripts!)


Here’s what we pay:



2000-2500 words—no more than that! (payment $150)

1000-2000 words (payment $100)

500-1000 words (payment $75)



2000-2500 words—no more than that! (payment $150)

1000-2000 words (payment $100)

500-1000 words (payment $75)



Suite of three poems—no more than that! (payment $150)

1 poem over 30 lines (payment $100)

1 poem under 30 lines (payment $75)



We accept rolling submissions of comics and art. You can send a sample of your work (care of our Art + Comics Editor David Mahler) to at any time. For the submissions period of this issue, you are also welcome to submit your work through our formal submissions process. Categories and payment for comics and art are as follows.

2 page comic B&W or Colour (payment $100)

4 page comic B&W or Colour (payment $200)

1 page illustration B&W or Colour (payment $75)

1 page cover art (payment $200)


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