The Suburban Review #18—REGIONAL VOICES




The Suburban Review #18: REGIONAL VOICES shows us that Regional Australia is not just scenes on the beach drenched in wistful brassy light, nor the bleak world of Wake in Fright. It is a place that lives and breathes and, importantly, it is not just one place.
In this brilliant and expansive issue, Joshua Santospirito illustrates Dan Hogan’s dealings with pests and Stuart Barnes deconstructs a city’s nickname. Nick Whittock carves lyricism into his surrounds. Follow Susie Anderson through memories populated by birds, ants, and other creatures. Then confront the banalities of bureaucracy with Lachlan Brown. Tony Thorne reckons with pain and urban isolation while Claire Collie learns to live with uncertainty. Mourn for your loved ones along with Faith Eadie and take comfort in your roots with Brenton E McKenna. This is an extraordinary issue, guest edited by Holly Isemonger, and not one to be missed.
Cover art ‘Karkula’ by Stephani Beck.
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