The Suburban Review #17—THEFT




The Suburban Review #17: THEFT is all about acts of stealing, large and small. This issue is full of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comics, and art exploring all types of theft: bold, insidious, resistant, exploitative, collaborative, and more.
Scroll through Miriam Jones‘ real estate feelings.Then traverse a labyrinth of
community gardens with Dave Drayton. Fall apart and back together with Nellie Le Beau before you lose yourself in Joanna Du‘s hands. Go on a wild goose chase with Scott Limbrick. Let Meg Rennie introduce you to a magpie with a taste for the finer things. Play hooky with renegade bike thieves and Rico Craig. Throw yourself into Eric Kons‘ world of Chopper Read while diving headfirst into Chopper’s lexicon with Annelise Roberts.
Cover art ‘Theft’ by Tim Sta-Ana.
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