The Suburban Review #15—SUBURBIA




The Suburban Review #15: SUBURBIA celebrates our namesake! Welcome to the suburbs, where everything is perfect, just don’t look too closely. Enjoy fiction, poetry, comics, and art about the almost-urban, about longing and familiarity, about horror and home. Love ’em or hate ’em, we all have stories of the suburbs. This issue plays with the grey area that lies between the mundane and the extraordinary.
Rebecca Bryson finds a mermaid in the backyard. Gareth Morgan‘s suburban vagabonds find beauty in the banal. Al Anderson directs an autobiographical movie. Drive from Wollongong to Sydney with Roger Patulny. Peer into the life of Lee Lai‘s astonishing neighbour. Check out Chadstone Shopping Centre with Madison Griffiths. Then watch the sun set over Tim Goschnick‘s roof.
Cover art by David Mahler.