The Suburban Review #14—DETRITUS




The Suburban Review #14: DETRITUS is all about wreckage and waste. Enjoy fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, comics and art about the debris that is littered throughout our lives. It’s an exploration of trash and decay, both within and without.
Join Else Fitzgerald on a salvage mission to an underwater Dutch city. See Corey Wakeling replace one world with another. Discover some grisly remains with Elaine Mead. Waste all your potential with Peo Michie. Throw on a snood with Dan Hogan. Work through all that excess baggage with Brigit Maher. Revamp your wardrobe for the apocalypse with Giulia Lazzaro. Then flush away all the garbage with Christy Tan.
Cover art by Rida Abbasi.