Q&A with Kristian Radford

Our Associate Editor Lora Subotic talks to Kristian about his poem, ‘Evening Anecdote’, published in #29: ITCH.

Q&A with Grace Tong

Our Associate Editor Sarah Stivens talks to Grace about her work, ‘Body Parts’, published in #29: ITCH.

Q&A with Jade Peters

A square photograph of Grace Tong is set against a purple banner featuring insects and quotation marks in varying shades of purple. Grace has her hair back, wears glasses, long earrings, and is smiling. Behind her is a green plant. To the right of the photograph is written: 'Itch, an interview with Grace Tong’.

Our Intern Sarah Pearce talks to Jade about their work, ‘Velvet’, published in #29: ITCH.

Q&A with Stella Theocharides

A square close-up photograph of Stella Theocharides is set against a banner. The banner is a zoomed in section of Shani Nottingham’s cover art, which features stacked bread tags. Stella has short dark hair and brown eyes. They wear a dark top. ‘LEAVEN, an interview with Stella Theocharides’ is written on the banner to the right of Stella’s image.

Our Intern Svetlana Sterlin talks to Stella about their work, ‘Doorstep’ and ‘Afternoon without you, now what’, published in #28: LEAVEN.

Q&A with Linda Ogonowski

Our Associate Editor Megan Payne talks to Linda about her work, ‘The “Abject” Body Revolts!’, published in #28: LEAVEN.