Q&A with Shubhangi Singh

Our Associate Editor Megan Payne talks to Shubhani about her fiction piece, ‘Mother versus Mother’, published in #27: WEEDS

Q&A with Sofia Sabbagh

Our Associate Editor L.B. Hazelthorn talks to Sofia about her comic, ‘Picking Mallow’, published in #27: WEEDS

Q&A with Rob Johnson

Our Intern, Svetlana Sterlin, talks to Rob about his fiction piece, ‘View Vigilance’, published in #27: WEEDS

Q&A with Sarah Pearce

Our Associate Editor L.B Hazelthorn talks to Sarah about her poem, ‘into the woods’, published in #26: REVEL

Q&A with Cherry Zheng

A square photograph of Cherry Zheng, with long dark hair, a dark top, grey scarf, looking to the side, and making the peace symbol, is set against an illustrated banner. Blues and purples at the top, with wiggly lines, move down into an orange-pink colour. In the bottom left corner are green foliage-like illustrations. Figures of people, dancing and posing, are collaged across the bottom. ‘an interview with Cherry Zheng’ is written across the top of the banner.

Our Intern LinLi Wan talks to Cherry about her fiction piece, ‘The Magic Act’, published in #26: REVEL.