A headshot of writer Jessie Berry-Porter against a collaged background of tiled construction, a yellow emoji with its thumbs up and an image of the cover of #24: UGLY. Jessie is looking at the camera, holding her knees into her chest. She has short dark hair (possibly tied up), a sleeper nose ring, and a black adidas jumper with white stripes down the sleeve. 'AHH!' and 'NEW ISSUE OUT NOW!' is hand scrawled in white pen across the entire image.

Q&A with Jessie Berry-Porter

March 14, 2022 L. B. Hazelthorn

Our Associate Editor, Luna Hazelthorn, talks to Jessie Berry-Porter about her poem, ‘Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Doesn’t Make You Stronger, It Just Doesn’t Kill You’, published in #24: UGLY. […]


Q&A with Erica Louise

November 5, 2021 Panda Wong

Our Associate Editor, Panda Wong, talks to Erica Louise about their fiction piece ‘The Sky Thing’ published in #23: Puncture. […]

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