Q&A with Amy Howard

Our Guest Editor Josie/Jocelyn Deane talks to Amy about her fiction piece, ‘Where They Purr’, published in #28: LEAVEN.

Q&A with Shubhangi Singh

Our Associate Editor Megan Payne talks to Shubhani about her fiction piece, ‘Mother versus Mother’, published in #27: WEEDS

Q&A with Sofia Sabbagh

Our Associate Editor L.B. Hazelthorn talks to Sofia about her comic, ‘Picking Mallow’, published in #27: WEEDS

Q&A with Rob Johnson

Our Intern, Svetlana Sterlin, talks to Rob about his fiction piece, ‘View Vigilance’, published in #27: WEEDS

Q&A with Sarah Pearce

Our Associate Editor L.B Hazelthorn talks to Sarah about her poem, ‘into the woods’, published in #26: REVEL