Author name: Sarah Pearce


Q&A with Daniel Ray

A square headshot of Daniel Ray is set against an orange-hued photograph of steel tea kettles sitting on a fire. Daniel is wearing tortoiseshell glasses, a black t-shirt and a green corduroy jacket. Daniel is playfully poking his tongue out, and below him is an image of a cartoon frog poking its tongue out. In the background is a wall, windows and two people. Text to the right of the headshot reads ‘AN INTERVIEW WITH Daniel Ray’.

Our Intern Sarah Pearce talks to Daniel about his fiction piece, ‘Zugzwang’, published in #30: SPICE.

Q&A with Jade Peters

A square photograph of Grace Tong is set against a purple banner featuring insects and quotation marks in varying shades of purple. Grace has her hair back, wears glasses, long earrings, and is smiling. Behind her is a green plant. To the right of the photograph is written: 'Itch, an interview with Grace Tong’.

Our Intern Sarah Pearce talks to Jade about their work, ‘Velvet’, published in #29: ITCH.