Author name: Sam Penny

SAM PENNY is an Associate Editor for The Suburban Review. Sam studied Literature and Politics at The University of East Anglia and Marketing at The University of Manchester. He has worked for a number of non-profit organisations that specialise in relationship counselling and relief from domestic violence. In his current role, Sam manages the digital side of a busy publishing company in Collingwood. In his spare time, he makes fresh, delicious bagels for his friends, plays the guitar, and practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu.


Q&A with Ivy Alvarez

A photograph of writer Ivy Alvarez against a pale grey background. She has short black hair with a side fringe. Ivy is wearing glasses with black frames and a red top. She is looking up at the camera with a slight smile.

Our Associate Editor Sam Penny interviews Ivy Alvarez about her poem ‘Bukal sa isip’ for #16 UNFUNDED. Read the interview here.