Author name: Panda Wong

PANDA WONG is an Associate Editor at The Suburban Review. Panda is a poet, writer and living personification of ‘I’m baby’ living in Narrm/so-called Melbourne. She has performed at Emerging Writers Festival, Digital Writers Festival, Liminal, and the Melbourne Spoken Word Prize. She writes about navigating the complex and annoying landscape of grief.


Q&A with George Cox

A square headshot of George Cox is set against a bubbly background of blue and purple. George is wearing glasses and a denim button up shirt over a white t-shirt. ‘Juice’ is written in cursive lettering at the top of the background banner. Below, typed text reads: ‘Interview: George Cox. In the bottom right corner is the ‘The Suburban Review’ logo.

Our Associate Editor, Panda Wong, talks to George Cox about his poem, ‘Morning Routine’, published in #25: JUICE.

Q&A with Erica Louise

Our Associate Editor, Panda Wong, talks to Erica Louise about their fiction piece ‘The Sky Thing’ published in #23: Puncture.

Q&A with Jenni Mazaraki

Our Associate Editor, Panda Wong, talks to Jenni Mazaraki about her poem ‘Put Your Mother on the Mantel’ published in #22: Organise & Mobilise.

Q&A with Andrew Menken

ANDREW MENKEN lives and writes on the Central Coast of New South Wales. He is doing a PhD at the University of Newcastle and is composing a book-length collection of poems that centres around his little hometown of Budgewoi. Andrew’s work has previously been published in SWAMP and Quadrant. In his free time, Andrew is …

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