About Panda Wong
PANDA WONG is an Associate Editor at The Suburban Review. Panda is a poet, writer and living personification of ‘I’m baby’ living in Narrm/so-called Melbourne. She has performed at Emerging Writers Festival, Digital Writers Festival, Liminal, and the Melbourne Spoken Word Prize. She writes about navigating the complex and annoying landscape of grief.
A collage of images, including the suburban review Issue 19 cover, a textured orange rectangle, and an image of Carly Candiloro. Carly has pale skin, long dark hair, and stands in front of a picturesque countryside of green grass and distant blue hills. Carly wears a dark coloured t-shirt and is smiling.

Q&A with Carly Candiloro

February 23, 2021 Panda Wong

CARLY CANDILORO is a cartoonist and visual artist from Melbourne’s north. Her work features in the anthology ‘if we all spat at once they’d drown: drawings about class’ as well as in publications Femszine and […]

Seafoam green bordered the abstract pattern. Aqua leaves splashed across a golden background, lines of white dots flow across the pattern in different directions. Claire Collie smiles out of a rectangle backdrop of a rustic wooden wall, tinged with a moss green.

Q&A with Claire Collie

October 12, 2020 Panda Wong

Our Associate Editor Panda Wong interviews Claire Collie about her non-fiction piece ‘Loneliness, Boredom, No Normal’ for #18 REGIONAL VOICES. […]


Q&A with Joanna Du

August 19, 2020 Panda Wong

Our Associate Editor Panda Wong interviews Joanna Du about her comic ‘Flattery’ for #17 THEFT. Read the interview here. […]

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